Segmental Wall & Brick Paver

Segmental walls are a functional construction as well as a decorative feature in the garden. They offer many advantages, including rapid construction, horizontal and vertical curvatures, easy grade changes, a wide variety of colors, and sizes and textures. Some segmental systems use steel or fiberglass pins, clips ore integral lips to create a continuous facing system. Some blocks are hollow, some are solid. Just about all block systems permit backfill drainage through the face joints. 

ITS ALL ABOUT THE DESIGN & INSTALLATION to achieve a long lasting structurally sound segmental wall system and TRISCAPE LAWN MAINTENANCE, INC. is here to assit.

Segmented / Retaining Wall Products:

Versa-Lok: Standard, Cobble, Accent, Mosaic, Mosette, Versa-Green, Square Foot, Bronco, & Brute. Website
Allanblock: AB Europa Collection, AB Collection, AB Ashlar Collection, & Greenwall. Website
Keystone: Country Manor, Stonegate, Century Wall, Compac Hewnstone, Classic Straight Face, & Sculptured Rock Face. Website
Unilock: Pisa 2, Rman Pisa, Risa Reversible, Siena Stone, & Sonoma Stone. Website

Garden Wall Products:

Allanblock Courtyard Collection, Old Country Courtyard, Bedford Tumbled, & Ault Wall Website
Unilock Brussels Dimensional System & Split ‘N Stack Website


 Brick Paver Interlocking Systems:

There are many reasons to choose brick pavers over asphalt, concrete or stamped concrete. Brick Pavers rarely crack or fade, require absolutely zero maintenance and can change an average driveway, sidewalk or back yard setting into a scenic delight which in turn adds value and character to your home!

Brick pavers are more durable than any other paving option available. This is because of the density of brick pavers. Brick pavers are compressed concrete and have a 8,000 PSI (Pounds per Sqare Inch) rating. Asphalt is only 600 PSI, Standard Concrete is around 2,300 PSI and very high-end Stamped Concrete is 4,200 PSI. It’s obvious that brick pavers are a superior product to the alternatives.

A cracked sidewalk, patio or driveway is always an eye sore and devaluates your property. Why risk paying for renewals that don’t last? Brick paver surfaces stay looking great for 20 to 30 years! Another benefit of brick pavers is that if there are damaged bricks they can easily be replaced. You can’t do that with concrete or asphalt! Also, areas of a brick paver surface can be pulled up and relayed if necessary to accommodate new plumbing, gas lines or a sprinkler system. Try doing that with asphalt or concrete!

The facts above state why brick pavers are a very intelligent investment for your property!

TRISCAPE, INC has ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) Certified employees on staff so you can have complete confidence that your paver walkway, patio, or driveway is built right! We also provide a fully designed blueprint up front so our client knows exactly where and how the pavers are going to be which is passed onto our installation crew for construction. Afterwards, the owner is provided with an as-built blueprint to keep.

Brick Paver Product Manufacturers:

          Unilock Website
          Paverlock Website
          Belgard Website
          Santerra Website
          Hessit Website
          Wausau Tile Website
          Pine Hall Website
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