Irrigation / Low Voltage Lighting

In Fort Wayne a company has to be licensed first before installing irrigation systems. We at Triscape Lawn Maintenance, Inc. are a Licensed Irrigation Contractor for the Allen County area. We have been furnishing and installing irrigation systems for over 5 years now. Our recent irrigation installation, which is the largest project for us so far, was the Harrison Square TinCaps stadium (exterior), the new Meyer park attached to the stadium, and the new parking garage attached to the stadium.

When we quote an irrigation system we take it a step further than other contractors by measuring the property, listing all area’s a client wants irrigated, and then we pass this on to a professional irrigation designer. Once the design is done, we then take off all the material needed to get the job done and type up an irrigation proposal. By these extra steps helps us and the client get an accurate and competitive price for the job. Also, the design which was done up front will be turned over to the client once the project is completed. Having a blueprint of your installed irrigation system will help locate irrigation lines for any future projects or help in saving time and money if the irrigation system needs adjustments or fixed in the future.

It has come to our attention that many irrigation contractors DO NOT offer an irrigation blueprint once the job is completed or never had one designed in the first place!

We offer continued maintenance also when it comes to Winterizing the system before the first freeze or starting it up in the Spring time.

We hope that you will consider and choose Triscape, Inc. for your irrigation needs!

We are experienced with the following irrigation systems:

RainBird Hunter
Toro Netafim


When it comes to Low Voltage Lighting again we come out and measure the area where the future lighting will be. Then we will design the system, take off the material, and provide a proposal. We are certified but being low voltage lighting we do not have to be licensed.

In a Low Voltage Lighting System the key component is the Transformer. The transformer reduces a 120-volt A.C. house current to a safe energy-efficient, economical, 12-Volt current. The system will require a dedicated outside 120-Volt A.C. outlet for the transformer.

We use and promote the following Low Voltage Lighting Manufacturers:

Vista Kichler Encore